As of now, we are producing adjustable stock adapters for a variety of Crosman Pistols, Rifles and others upon request. Allowing the use of an AR 15 buffer tube and stock to be attached to your air gun. With this product you will have maximum versatility to make the gun fit you comfortably and be able to clearly see your iron sights or through the scope with your cheek and head in a comfortable repeatable position you prefer. This product gives you adjustment options for cast on and off (moving the whole stock left, or right), up, down and cant of butt-pad or any combination in between. Also, if using a collapsible stock, the length of pull is adjustable. The adapter from time of creation has been vented to prevent hammer vacuum on air guns. My kids and I can now shoot the same gun comfortably by extending the butt-stock in a second.

Started this by getting into airguns with my son, my daughter was soon to follow. We are getting lots of shooting practice much cheaper than actually shooting firearms, with all the same principals and fundamentals. This causes our time shooting firearms to be more enjoyable and put more rounds in the target with better groups. Also shooting airguns allows people to practice in town and even in their basements.

Realized with some custom designed parts I could turn a variety of Crosman pistols into very accurate, lightweight, short barreled carbines that are a blast to shoot and the kids are loving it because the airguns actually fit them and have a tactical look (like some of the popular video games). Then we started making adapters for rifles also, giving them a new look that stands out compared to regular off the shelf ones. Parents are loving it because by extending the collapsible stock the same air gun fits them. Making for a quality family experience that is fun and teaches the kids responsibility around all guns.

If you don’t have kids, the airguns are still a good time and a great way to keep your shooting skills sharp!!!!

That is how R. Arms was born.